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These tools were written primarily for my own use, but others are free to use them if they find them helpful. If you have any problems with them, please e-mail me. If you find them useful, please consider buying one of my books or making a donation via PayPal.

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Create iBookstore & Kindle Store Links for any Country

Enter an ISBN-13 and/or an ASIN, then click "Create links". The generated links will redirect users to the iBookstore or Kindle store in their country, or the US store if there is not a store in their country. This means you can use a single link instead of seperate ones for customers in different countries. Note that the redirection may include an affiliate code.


Amazon Bookmarklet

Drag the following link to your browser's bookmark bar. Then simply click it when on an Amazon product page to get a link that will redirect a user to the product page in their country. This should work with any product on any Amazon site.

Amazon Link Maker

Create Tweetable Link

Enter the tweet text, the page to link to, and your Twitter username.

Tweet text:
Via: @
  Tweet length:

Output & Preview

Copy & paste:
Select text

Find a Book on the Apple iBookstore

Enter an ISBN-13, then click "Create links". A link will be created for each of the listed countries. See this Smashwords updates entry for details of how the links are constructed. If the book is not in the iBookstore, the linked web page will prompt you to start or download iTunes. Also see this tool for a way to create a single link that will go to the iBookstore in the user's country.


Multiple-Choice Quiz

This is a simple JavaScript that will enable you to set up a multiple-choice quiz on your site. Instructions and an example are included in the zip file. The WWI quiz on the Shilka Publishing website uses this code (with some custom additions).

JavaScript Quiz download (includes code, instructions, and an example).

Smashwords Site Updates RSS Feed

The link below is an RSS feed for the Smashwords Site Updates page. Using this in conjunction with an RSS reader such as Feedly makes it easy to stay informed about updates to the Smashwords website.

 RSS Feed

KWL: Last Month

This is a bookmarklet to change the date range on Kobo Writing Life's report to last month. Drag the following link to your browser's bookmark bar, and it will appear as a button.

To use, go to the KWL dashboard and click the bookmarklet. The dashboard will display last month's sales.

KWL Last month

Create Amazon or Smashwords Affiliate Link

To create a browser button that will generate an affiliate link for any page on the Smashwords/Amazon websites:

Enter your Amazon Associates tracking ID:

or your Smashwords screen name:

Click this button:

Quick Conversion of US Dollars to £ Sterling

I'm based in the UK, but a lot of people and companies that I deal with are based in the US, and so quote prices in US dollars. Drag the following link to your browser's bookmark bar to get a button that will do a quick conversion of US dollars to £ Sterling.


Once it is in your bookmark bar, just highlight a number and click the bookmarklet. It will open a Google currency converter in a new tab, displaying the value converted from US dollars to £ Sterling.

ISBN Check Digit Calculator

This spreadsheet was created in response to a blog post by Joel Friedlander, where he discussed how to calculate the check digit for ISBNs, and how to reconstruct a set of ISBNs if some were lost. His method could only do one at a time, so I created this spreadsheet to calculate 100 ISBNs.

It can calculate the check digit for 10 and 13 digit ISBNs, and can also convert up to 100 ISBN-10 numbers into ISBN-13.


View Page at Amazon UK

This one is primarily aimed at UK readers, rather than authors. Drag the following link to your browser's bookmark bar. Then, if you follow a link to a book at, click the button to go to the book's Amazon UK page.

See at Amazon UK

Two Minute Silence

This is a simple JavaScript that will enable your site to observe a two minute silence. It was written to observe the silence on Remembrance Day, but can be edited for other occassions. A WordPress plugin is now also available.

During the silence, the page will display a photograph and short message. At the end of the silence, the page's normal content will be displayed.

Download JavaScript version
Download WordPress plugin

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